The Chalk Up Experience

The first step is always the hardest. This is why we have developed the Chalk Up Experience to kick-start your fitness journey into becoming the best YOU possible.

We focus on setting performance goals with each individual to help change your body, make you feel better and look great!

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How Does It Work?

Over 6 weeks, training 3 days per week; this is a way for you to experience the Chalk Up Difference and discover why we are the leading small group training facility in Alexandria.

This is the perfect introduction to our methods of training where we will guide you every step of the way to achieving real results.


We will provide you with access to our tried and tested training systems which are fully scalable for all fitness levels and abilities. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or have been training for a while, the programme will scale to your level to get you the results you’re after.

You will receive:

• Goal Setting Guidance

• Access to our athlete system where you can track your personal progress

• Private online forum for tips and questions

• Access to our incredibly supportive community

• Nutrition & Supplement advice

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Member Testimonials

“This is a passionate group committed to engaging and growing every individual into the best they can be. Because only at Chalk Up is everyone stronger together. No matter where you are or what you can do, you simply must have the Chalk Up experience which will step you forward into a better, fitter, happier you. It’s not a gym, it really is a community.

WARNING: You will make new friends”

- Greg Southey

“It feels good to be there. the coaches care, the place is well looked after and the community is really friendly and supportive. It’s a great example of the best side of CrossFit and what it should be all about.”

- Eduardo Delamare

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"It is not often you find people so dedicated and passionate about the work they do. I have gone from feeling out of place in a gym to it being a place where I feel a part of a community."

- Paul Parker

“This place is amazing, if you want to get fit and healthy it does not matter what your starting point they can adjust the workout for you.

I am 49, have lost 30kgs in a year after not stepping into a gym for 10 years. The classes are small, so it’s personal but hard work. The best part is the culture, it’s diverse with a great mix of guys and girls. Everyone celebrates success be it lifting 8 kilos or 80.”

- Lisa Blades