Started from the bottom…

Andrew’s love of fitness started in his Grandparents’ backyard – he had purchased second hand equipment and had his grandfather as his spotter during sets. 18 year-old Andrew referred to this as ‘tanking in progress’, which was his MSN Messenger status at the time. Not long after, friends will come to train with him and he quickly realised he didn’t only enjoy this as a hobby but could see himself doing this for a living.

With Cert III and IV in Fitness under his belt, he started his professional fitness adventure as a Personal Trainer at V Club, a new gym in the CBD at the time. The highlight of this experience was having an exceptional mentor as the PT manager, Rob Devereux, who had given Andrew the nickname of ‘chameleon’ for his skill in adapting to clients of various ages and personalities with so much ease.

With top sales awards and personal training acumen, he left V Club to continue his fitness journey at Fitness First Darlinghurst. This is where he would spend the next 9 years building on his training and coaching knowledge through experience and further accreditations.


The Dream

He reached a point where he felt stuck, the training space didn’t allow him to further expose his clients to the new training and skills he was acquiring. Andrew then discovered Crossfit in 2013 and this made it even more clear he needed to create his own space if he wanted to truly make a difference in people’s lives.

The idea of opening his own PT studio was born which quickly changed to opening his first small ‘Crossfit affiliated’ facility. He wanted to create a space where he could help more than one person at a time; personal group training meant this was possible and still allowed him to have a high level of coaching for each individual. This idea was often talked about with his clients, after all this was his lifelong dream.


A few of his clients expressed interest in doing business with Andrew but one client decided to take the big leap of faith and join him in this adventure. Dan Murphy, most commonly (and famously) known as DJ Dan Murphy had his production and entertainment business affected by the new lock-out laws imposed and was looking to diversify his portfolio. Dan had seen first hand the changes his training routine had made to his lifestyle and the spiral effects it had made to his day to day life.

During super long phone calls, Andrew and Dan will often talk about this ‘dream space’, about how it would look like, what kind of equipment they would have and how it would be set up, and most importantly, what kind of people it will attract. These two, spent countless hours looking for the right warehouse, dreams were crashed when applications will fall through, and the search had to start again. Despite it all, Andrew and Dan brought the best in each other and had different skill sets to play. In the midst of it all, they kept going back and forth about the name of this ‘dream space’, until one day during Dan’s PT session with Andrew, Andrew asked Dan to put some chalk on and thought of ‘Chalk Up’. Chalk Up as the literal act of putting chalk on your hands, but as the metaphorical meaning of getting ready, ready for anything that a training programming can throw at you, ready for what life can put in front of you. This is how ‘Chalk Up’ was born.


...Now We’re Here

The rest is history - the rest is in front of you and surrounding you - the rest is every single one of us.

We are Chalk Up!